The Dark Assembly

Panoramic NFT banner

ft. 25 Limited Edition Terrans [SOLD OUT]

25 Tiles, 5 Split-Assembly Banners. 1 Bonus Full-Assembly Banner.

1A2C3D4D5E | 1B2B3E4E5B | 1C2A3A4C5C | 1E2D3C4B5A


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About the Dark Assembly

A panoramic banner of all 25 Limited Edition Terrans assembled in cinematic fashion before the dawn. The Dark Assembly is the second last installment of the Terrans: Limited Edition collection.


The collection process

The process of the collection is in nature, a dark assembly of it’s own. 5 banners are split into 5 tiles each, forming a 5 x split-assembly banner collection.

These tiles are gradually released randomly through a silent/dark sale listing. The random timed sale aims to promote fair opportunity for all collectors, where buying power or excessive grinding has no significant advantage over the average collector.

Bonus: One full Dark Assembly NFT banner will also be randomly released for sale as a means to ensure that at least one collector has eligibility to the final drop of Terrans: LE.


Pricing structure

Split Assembly Tiles | 1 $LUNA /ea
The listing price per tile is set to 1 $LUNA.
This is to encourage possible rational reselling to another collector should that event be required. Completed Split-Assembly Tiles will be airdropped a fused version of the full banner with unique tile IDs embedded.

Full Assembly Banner | 25 $LUNA
The bonus full banner is listed at the total worth of all 25 split-assembly tiles, at 25 $LUNA.

The Final Assembly

A fully-lit glorious banner of all 25 LE Terrans assembled beyond the darkness. The final installment of this entire collection – The Final Assembly – will be airdropped to all collectors who hold the following NFTs:

  • 1 x Any Original TerransNFT
  • 1 x Any Terrans: Limited Edition NFT
  • 1 x Fully assembled Dark Assembly (Complete tile set, or full)


(Note that these requirements have been changed from the original requirement of “OG Terrans NFT + Terrans LE Counterpart”. This is to encourage collectors who did not get a chance to have their OG Terran interpreted, to participate in this collection)