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The Collection

An art collection, driven by organic social engagement.

Terrans: Limited Edition, is an art collection discovering the value of digital art through social engagement. No marketing, no whitelist, no grinding. Just normal engagement between audience and artist.

25 Terrans NFTs were interpreted from a pool of submissions by Twitter users, forming a special collection of materialized NFTs. The expansion of this collection over 5 events aim to observe the correlation of tangible value to the subjective perception of digital art.

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The Auction

A Discovery of Value

25% of the proceeds above base price will be airdropped back to the owner of the original Terran.

The intent of the auction is to provide a meaningful avenue of value, in all optimism that that it settles with the owner of the original Terran.

If however, an auction settles to a buyer who is not the original owner of the pre-interpreted Terran, this would define a secondary value to the interpreted art altogether.

Terrans L.E royalties go to the original artist, N.A.R.M @robokenpo.

Orignal Terran Owners:

@HooliganTwts, @ReturnOfThee, @LGoBrandOn, @FFouzei, @0xBobloblaw, @PushaUST, @birdolanvech, @dr_bogdanoff, @pjdotust, @noPepeSilvia_, @DeFiZealot, @Cpt_Jidr, @phillbee20, @GettingTerrad, @SebasC368, @StakuOne, @mkkko522, @WLiving0000, @boreira_boreira, @C0mbatvv0mbat, @MadLizLuna, @eeyernlee, @lewdcryptowaifu, @CozomoMedici, @robokenpo


Five events mark the end.

  • 1. Submission of Terrans [COMPLETED]

  • 2. Early Adopter Airdrops [COMPLETED]

  • 3. First Auction Launch [01 FEB]

  • 4. Dark Assembly [TBA]

  • 5. Final Assembly [TBA]